Other Suggestions for Maximizing Your Profits

Implement a wide-ranging cost-reduction program. Make the FS part of a general program to reduce waste, reduce costs, and increase profits. If the restaurant’s profits increase, everyone benefits!

Engage the employees in loss analysis. Call a special meeting of the employees to brainstorm about every source of silverware loss and how to stem the losses from each source. Trash receptacles, linen bags, floor cleaning, customer purses or pockets, etc. Be sure every every trash can, and the linen bag if necessary, is protected. Make simple changes to procedures, if necessary, to maximize effectiveness of the FlatwareSaver.

Maintain frequent communication with your employees about silverware losses. Let the employees know that you’re very interested in how the effort to keep silverware out of the trash is going. Mention silverware protection (loss reduction) in every employee meeting, ask individual employees about it in passing, etc. It’s important to remind them that they have to look at the tray when they dispose of scraps (Basic model) and to remove valuables when the Deluxe model beeps (or at least think about WHY it’s beeping, if it’s due to the intentional disposal of aluminum foil, etc.